Katy Mamen

Program Consultant

Katy Mamen is an environmental consultant with many years of experience in food & agriculture, water, movement building, and systems change. She has worked with the nonprofit, public, and education sectors to build effective programs and strategy, develop collaborative policy, facilitate decision-making processes and provide expert analysis. Katy previously served as Director of Programs at Ag Innovations, Director of the Local Food Program at the International Society for Ecology and Culture, and launched the California Agricultural Water Stewardship Initiative. She was a Fellow of the Oakland Institute and co-author of Ripe for Change: Rethinking California’s Food Economy and numerous articles and public education tools promoting healthy food and agriculture systems. Katy holds a BS in Physical Geography from McGill University in Montreal, and an MS in Holistic Science from Schumacher College in the UK, a groundbreaking international program that focuses on understanding and working with complex systems.