Our webinars engage subject matter experts and practitioners in the field in a detailed discussion of issues at the intersection of water and climate change.


Watershed Valuation - Australia to the American West

Join us as we tackle some of the key questions and issues for western water utility managers, decision makers and stakeholders on the practice and practicalities of how to value watersheds and the ser

Getting Through the Bottleneck: Vulnerability Assessment

In the Academy’s first webinar, we talked about the “adaptation bottleneck,” where decision-makers have awareness of the broader impacts of climate change but are finding it difficult to move fo

Getting Out on the Dance Floor - 
Embracing Uncertainty & Scenario Planning

On Carpe Diem West Academy’s November 8, 2011 webinar, we addressed some of the challenges in using projections of climate change downscaled from global climate models. Downscaled projections have a

Downscaling, Upscaling + A Few Things in Between - Assessing Climate Risk, Making Decisions

This webinar explores the proverbial million-dollar question: When should western water managers and decision makers use which downscale climate models, and why? Join our guests Brad Udall, Western

Running the Climate Rapids: Using the Iterative Risk Management Roadmap

This webinar explains how the robust Iterative Risk Management Framework (originally developed by the United Kingdom Climate Impacts Program and endorsed by the National Academy of Sciences) can help