Our webinars engage subject matter experts and practitioners in the field in a detailed discussion of issues at the intersection of water and climate change.


Vulnerability Assessment, Take Three - Stories from the Field

Vulnerability Assessment has three main objectives: 1) to identify who or what has the most exposure to climate change; 2) to determine the range of tolerance for these entities; and 3) to characteriz

Effective Messaging: Communicating Nature's Benefits

Recent communications research has revealed a growing public awareness of the economic benefits of preserving and restoring key ecosystems. Join us as we discuss how to capitalize on this trend with e

Watershed Valuation: A Closer Look

Investment in watersheds expands the portfolio of risk management options available to water utilities as they plan for the effects of climate change on their water systems. Implementing a watershed v

Robust Decision Making

In this webinar, we discuss the concept and practice of robust decision making. In addition, we hope to provide participants with a clear first step in engaging this process. So, why robust decisio

Vulnerability Assessment - Take Two

In the Academy’s fourth webinar, we looked at the main objectives of vulnerability assessment: 1) to identify who, or what, has the most exposure to climate change; 2) to determine the range of tole