Find out the latest news about western water and climate change, with articles, interviews with Carpe Diem West network leaders, and press.

The New Normal: Smoke Apocalypse - Get Ready Now ~ An Interview with Sarah Coefield

…You need to remember that in the West even if your hills are green, somebody else's are not, and wildfire smoke can travel really far. Western water security depends on healthy forests - and so do...

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Beware the privatization of your town's water

People often assume private providers will be cheaper and more efficient; often the opposite is true. Investing in water and forests for water security is nothing new, but Missoula, Montana has rev...

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Got Water? Thank (and save) A Forest

Western water utilities know all too well the now famous phrase “stationarity is dead.” Planning for water security in the American West in the time of climate change requires getting ready for lo...

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Colorado River Research Group Releases New Report on Ardification

Carpe Diem West’s Dr. Doug Kenney and his colleagues Colorado River Research Group (CRRG) have just published a new report: “When is Drought not a Drought? Drought, Ardification and the New Norma...

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Uncontrollable Wildfire, Water Supply & Smart Paths Forward - An evening with Fernanda Santos and Kimery Wiltshire

We spent an evening at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club with award-winning author and journalist Fernanda Santos.  We talked about fire and water, and how those two meet in the American West in the...

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