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Logs, Streams and Resilience: The Yakima Nation’s Wood Fiesta of 2018 - An Interview with Scott Nicolai

On Washington’s dry and beautiful Eastern Cascade slope, the Yakima Nation’s Fisheries Department is leading innovative work to restore healthy streams, the treaty-reserved salmon that depend on t...

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The Best Dam Ecosystem Engineers

Beavers may be our most important partner in protecting and restoring western streams and watersheds. By building temporary dams on small streams, beavers slow down rainwater runoff and snowmelt. This...

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Report Released - "Breaking Down Barriers: Priority Actions for Advancing Water Quality Trading"

In the recently released report "Breaking Down Barriers: Priority Actions for Advancing Water Quality Trading.”  The report is a product of the National Network on Water Quality Trading (“Natio...

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Leave it to Beavers

It's time for some common-sense approach to managing our wild spaces. Bring in the beavers! Beaver restoration is a key tool for building healthy, resilient watersheds in the West. With the help...

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Thank you, yes we care about the Rio Grande

It's easy to get lost in the pessimism and swirl of water, specifically the life and health of our rivers. But in a recent op-ed the author asks the question "The Rio Grande is Dying, Does anyone Ca...

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