Find out the latest news about western water and climate change, with articles, interviews with Carpe Diem West network leaders, and press.

Running the Climate Rapids - An Interview with Kristen Averyt

What I see is that climate change isn’t the only problem – water managers are also dealing with a host of other factors. Population growth. Changing demand regimes. It’s not so much that climate...

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Perspectives on New Watershed Program - An Interview with Karl Morgenstern

A big focus of Carpe Diem West’s Healthy Headwaters Project is on how federal funding can be re-directed to protect and restore the key watersheds in the West that provide clean water to cities down...

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Perspectives on New Watershed Programs - An Interview with Anne Zimmermann

One of the Forest Service’s primary purposes in the original 1897 Organic Act was to ‘provide favorable conditions for water flows. And we interpret that to mean providing high-quality water to t...

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The Carpe Diem West Academy: Managing in the Era of Uncertainty - An Interview with Dr. Holly Hartmann

People often ask how Carpe Diem West’s small staff is able to have such an effective presence in the vast and complex world of western water and energy. The answer lies in our wide-ranging and accom...

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The Forest-to-Faucet Partnership; Re-thinking Headwaters Protection - An interview with Rick Cables, Ron Lehr, Tom Gougeon and Jim Lochhead

In recent years, climate change impacts on the high-elevation watersheds that supply the West's drinking water have become increasingly obvious - longer and more devastating wildfire seasons, reduced ...

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