Find out the latest news about western water and climate change, with articles, interviews with Carpe Diem West network leaders, and press.

Managing the Phoenix water supply - An interview with Charlie Ester

The catastrophic fires that so many forests in the West are prone to now have caused us to rethink the way we have historically managed forests. You are responsible for delivering water to an i...

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Dialogue of the river basins - An interview with Dr. Rosalind Bark

I think it’s interesting how much exchange there is between the American Southwest and the Murray-Darling Basin. As someone who grew up in Hong Kong, studied at Oxford, and has worked on larg...

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Colorado River: Governing like a River Basin - An Interview with Bill Rinne

Sometimes, it might look on the surface like people are completely deadlocked over a set of issues, but when you sit people down together and discuss specific interests it turns out the sides are not ...

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Colorado River: Governing like a River Basin - An Interview with Bob Johnson

My experience is that the Bureau will respond if stakeholders or the general public express a desire to make input. A lot of us have been thinking ahead to what will happen after the Bureau of Reclam...

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Running the Climate Rapids - An Interview with David Behar

We talked with David Behar of the San Francisco PUC and the Water Utilities Climate Alliance about decision-making challenges facing western water managers, with his perspective from a municipal utili...

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