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Fire, Forests, and Resilience: Lessons from the Evergreen State ~ An Interview with Hilary Franz

We spend so much time arguing about right and wrong, with righteousness and political jargon. We waste so much time on that! And we don’t have time to waste. Carpe Diem West has been following ...

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Cost effective Healthy Headwaters work being done around the West

This brief is about smart, cost-effective healthy headwaters work currently being done around the West. These vignettes highlight both the promise and price-tag of these smart investments, and can be...

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Black Swans on the western horizon - $3.2B is a good start (or we can spend billions more)

"As the recent DCP negotiation highlighted, two of the most problematic features of the current management framework—the inability of Pinal County, Arizona farmers to easily absorb CAP curtailments,...

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Climate Disruption - Polling summary

The short and sweet polling memo highlights the major shifts in US public opinion on climate disruption. These shifts provide significant opportunities for many working in the climate and water space....

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Building Success in Ultra-Partisan times ~ An Interview with Scott Miller

This kind of work really takes time. We have to put more support into long-term power building and relationship building. Yes, we need to take advantage of opportunities that drop in front of us, ...

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