Find out the latest news about western water and climate change, with articles, interviews with Carpe Diem West network leaders, and press.

Fire and Water

A few weeks ago, on a wet and stormy night (at last!) Carpe Diem West was back at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club, this time focusing on wildfire and water. That evening I was joined by two col...

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Building that Village in the Willamette Basin - An Interview with Allison Hensey

"Long-term flexible capacity funding is key because the on-the-ground funding just can't be overstated. That strategy has really borne fruit because it enables people to take much bigger risks and mak...

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Clean Drinking Water for All

Dear Friends: The Willamette Basin is a hard-working western river system. Over two-thirds of the state’s population lives in this 11,460 square mile region, a million plus acres are farmed a...

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Join us November 26, 2019 - Commonwealth Club - California’s Wildfires - Community & Water Supply Protection

Program Description We’ve all inhaled a lot of wildfire smoke over the past few years in Northern California. Fueled by a rapidly warming climate, these catast...

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Blue Green Slimy Stuff

Toxic algae outbreaks in water systems are a well known phenomena in the Midwest and Eastern United States. Now though we're seeing a rapid increase in these outbreaks in the American ...

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