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Confluence May 2019 - Building Success in Ultra-Partisan times ~ An Interview with Scott Miller

This kind of work really takes time. We have to put more support into long-term power building and relationship building. Yes, we need to take advantage of opportunities that drop in front of us, ...

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It’s a lot of money. The alternatives are a lot more expensive.

  Western forests, whether in headwaters or the region’s fruitful floodplains, are the key to water security, flood protection, and water quality. But catastrophic wildfires, a rapidly chang...

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Building on Success - An Interview with Laura McCarthy

What I learned was that part of how you build coalitions, and also great staff teamwork, is by having a really ambitious goal and challenging yourselves to get there. It took a lot of creative...

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HB266 ~ March 2019

The Rio Grande Water Fund, as our interview with founder Laura McCarthy describes, is rocking it. The Fund has raised a lot of money, and engaged in a lot of forest restoration, in a very short time. ...

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Overview of Local Funding for Improving Forest Health in the West

As local concern over forest health and resilience increases with every severe wildfire summer in the West, interest grows in how local governments can engage to protect their backyard. Carpe Diem Wes...

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