Sterling Grogan

Senior Advisor & Ecologist - Carpe Diem West

Sterling Grogan is an ecologist, water manager, and agriculturalist with over 40 years of experience in the U.S., Latin America, and Central Asia. His projects have included land reclamation, industrial ecology, and wildlife protection in Brazil, Chile, New Mexico and Venezuela, landscape ecology in Costa Rica, water management and agricultural extension in New Mexico and Tajikistan, and research and teaching in ecology and environmental policy in the U.S. As a teacher, consultant and lobbyist in the fields of energy, mining, agriculture and environmental policy, he has worked with universities, private industry, the World Conservation Union, regional water management agencies, and local, State, Tribal, Federal and foreign governments. He is a co-author of the New Mexico Watershed Protection Plan, managed the middle Rio Grande riparian forest, led the effort to develop New Mexico’s first Alternative Energy Plan, chaired New Mexico’s largest air quality agency, served on Federal recovery teams for endangered fish and birds, and formerly served on the Board Directors for Quivira Coalition.

Sterling is a private pilot, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Brazil), and a veteran of combat in Viet Nam.