Mike Anderson

Senior Resource Analyst - The Wilderness Society

Mike Anderson is the Senior Resource Analyst for The Wilderness Society and is one of the nation’s leading experts in national forest law and policy. Mike has worked for The Wilderness Society since 1985 and has been stationed in The Society’s Pacific Northwest regional office in Seattle since 1989. His responsibilities include conducting interdisciplinary research, analyzing legislative and regulatory proposals, and coordinating The Wilderness Society’s litigation activities. Mike is also an enthusiastic participant in two award-winning collaborations – the Lakeview Stewardship Group in Oregon and the Skokomish Watershed Action Team in Washington. He is the co-author of Land and Resource Planning in the National Forests (Island Press 1987) and has written numerous articles, citizen’s guides, and reports on national forest management and other public land issues. Mike has an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a law degree from the University of Oregon.