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Consulting Services

The majority of our program work is grant funded. In addition, we work with Western communities and water agencies to start, or expand, programs to protect the source of their water.

We help you navigate complexity in issue analysis, funding mechanisms, and community outreach. We can also support you in strategic planning and goal setting for source water protection plans, as well as in integrating the latest climate science into these plans.

Areas of expertise and deliverables include:

  • Opportunity Analyses
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans
  • Road Maps for Decision Makers

Led by Kimery Wiltshire, our team is uniquely positioned to engage the expertise of the Carpe Diem West network to identify actions that will work for your community.

What We Bring

  • Solutions: Innovative signature headwaters protection and water resiliency programs
  • Access: Extraordinary network of western water managers, thought leaders, scientists and community advocates
  • Partners: Exceptional ability to broker partnerships across sectors and interests

The great thing about Carpe Diem West is that they get both sides of the equation – the science side and the human side; and they know the ground. So when they come up with an idea you pay attention, because it’s not going to be some pie-in-the-sky solution air-dropped from 30,000 feet. It’s going to be something that works to protect these specific resources, in these specific places, and these specific communities.

– Karen Knudsen, Executive Director, Clark Fork Coalition