Horizons Program

Because climate change, the hydrologic cycle, and the human landscape of the American West are so complex, they often interact in unforeseen and unpredictable ways. The results of these interactions can be difficult to detect, because we don’t know what we are looking for, and we don’t necessarily attribute effects to climate change when we do see them.

By keeping in regular contact with a far-flung set of professionals in diverse fields, Carpe Diem West keeps abreast of emerging trends and developments that have implications for the broader intersection of western water and climate. Using a robust, cross-sector approach based on the broad Carpe Diem West Network, we can identify and engage a core group of leaders who are in the best position to analyze emerging trend information from the field, formulate effective responses, and incorporate those responses into specific actions by Carpe Diem West. 

Carpe Diem West's Horizon reports:
New Visions, Smart Choices: Western Water Security in a Changing Climate (April 2013)

Past projects include:
Water, Energy & Climate Change (2009-2010)
Public Health, Water & Climate Change (2011)

"Because of Carpe Diem West, an important community support  for future planning to protect the water supply from climate  change impacts is provided."

 Dale Lyons Director of Freshwater Programs, The Nature Conservancy

"Carpe Diem West has knit together a broad and  really diverse  cross section of interests as it relates to water and  climate change."

 Bill Mitchell President, Flatcoat Consulting