Carpe Diem West Academy

Carpe Diem West Academy provides a compendium of resources and an interactive learning community to assist western water and energy managers’ decision making in the era of climate uncertainty. 

Carpe Diem West Academy

We know that climate change affects all aspects of water and energy: the quality and quantity of surface water and groundwater, the demand for energy, the efficiency of renewable energy sources – it touches everything. We also know that water and energy managers trying to address the impacts of climate change on western water resources are faced with three major challenges:

1) Managers are faced with an overload of available tools but little understanding of which tools are most useful in addressing their particular set of challenges. 

2) Most of these tools focus on pieces of the overall picture – not on the interconnection between those pieces, or on the process of building comprehensive water management responses to address long-term uncertainty. 

3) Water resources and energy management are rarely addressed together in management planning.

In response to these challenges, we created the Carpe Diem West Academy. The Academy provides a peer-to-peer learning community, a compendium of information and tools, a strategic framework for decison making and webinar series.

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"Because of Carpe Diem West and its extensive network of people involved, opportunities on a small scale can be related to large-scale state and national policies and needs for management guidance."

Dr. Holly Hartmann Director, Carpe Diem West Academy, Former Director, Arid Lands Information Center University of Arizona/CLIMAS