What We Do

Dear friends:

In the American West, water is the face of climate change.  Everyone who lives here is, or will shortly, experience climate change most immediately and acutely through too much water at the wrong time, too little water over a long period of time, or through increasingly unhealthy water supply.

We started Carpe Diem West because we saw the collision coming between the realities of climate change and the old ways we’ve managed and used our water. Climate change is rapidly accelerating the conflicts between the historic water management, legal and political frameworks–creating a classic “wicked problem.” 

Carpe Diem West connects and supports a network of diverse leaders implementing cooperative new solutions that address climate change impacts on water security for people and the environment in the American West.

Our goal is simple and daunting: smart, science-based solutions that create water security for our communities, the food we grow, our economy and our environment.





Kimery Wiltshire, Executive Director

The Carpe Diem West Network - Filling A Critical Niche:

“The Carpe Diem process requires a leap of faith - by their very nature the outcomes cannot be predetermined. But if you're serious about investing in smart people working to find a sustainable path forward, it's a leap well worth taking.”  
Steve Whitney Program Officer, The Bullitt Foundation


“How do we scale up the pilot projects? We just don’t have enough people. How do we speed up? The climate changes and their impacts are happening faster than expected.
Dr. Holly Hartmann Prior Director, Arid Lands Information Center, University of Arizona/CLIMAS, Director, Carpe Diem West Academy