Communications Reports


"New Visions, Smart Choices: Western Water Security in a Changing Climate," April, 2013 

“Western Water & Climate Change Communications Guidelines,” Sept. 2009

“Western Water & Climate Change Media and Polling Analysis,” March 2009

In coming decades, the supply of available water in the West will shrink, even as demand continues to grow. Though water managers and decision makers are aware of this new reality, their discussions about the link between climate and water have yet to gain traction among broader audiences.

What do Americans Think About Community Water and Change? April 2013 -Stratus Consulting

Our challenge: Build the connections in the public mind between water issues and climate change that helps foster support for smarter water policy. Communications strategies will play an integral role in building these connections. 

In 2009, Carpe Diem West, in partnership with Resource Media, conducted a comprehensive framing analysis of existing media coverage and public opinion data on the issues of climate change and water in the West. Based on this research, we see a significant opportunity for those engaged in communicating solutions to the West’s water woes. 

Our assessment found that the debate over the climate-water connection is today largely undefined. Those who engage early can set the terms for a conversation that is certain to grow in importance as climate impacts on the West’s scarce water supplies are felt even more acutely. Our research provides an important starting point for creating a clear communications strategy that can serve well-defined policy goals. By seizing this opportunity, stakeholders may have an opening for spurring greater interest in and enthusiasm for smart approaches to alleviating water insecurity.