Willamette Future Project

The Willamette River and 13 major tributaries encompasses 11,460 square miles in western Oregon. Over two-thirds of the state’s population lives in this region which also includes three-quarters of the state’s economic activity.

The Willamette Future Project (WFP) is catalyzing and accelerating work for a source water protection and investment plan for the Willamette Basin. The Project helps to guide new investments from drinking water utilities and related agencies to prevent and mitigate water quality, supply and temperature problems. The project identifies opportunities to align and leverage existing work, and bring to scale.

The project works in collaboration with the Willamette River Initiative, twelve Willamette water utilities, storm and wastewater agencies, and agriculture leaders in the Willamette Basin.


Willamette Future Project

This project identifies opportunities to align and leverage and bring to scale existing work on the Willamette River in Oregon.