Our Work

Policy Briefs 
Carpe Diem West provides policy briefs to outline key issues and opportunities in western water, and to explore the policy implications arising out of the dynamic relationship between climate change and water played out across a western landscape. 

Convening Summaries 
We provide a convening framework where stakeholders and leaders with differing backgrounds and interests can together forge pragmatic, science-based responses to the dilemmas presented by the growing climate crisis. The following reports are summaries of these groundbreaking meetings. 

Communications Reports 
Our media partner, Resource Media, prepared these reports for Carpe Diem West as part of our communications research project. In March 2009, Resource Media conducted a comprehensive framing analysis of existing media coverage and public opinion data on the issues of climate change and water in the West. Subsequent reports build on the findings of this analysis and provide guidelines for speaking and writing effectively about solutions to the West’s water woes. 

Confluence: Carpe Diem West Newsletter 
The Carpe Diem West Network has an extraordinary wealth of collective knowledge and experience. In each issue of Confluence we tap into our Network’s knowledge by highlighting leadership to find out what they are thinking about key western water and climate change issues.

Convergence: Carpe Diem West Academy Newsletter 
The Carpe Diem West Academy supports water and energy managers, decision-makers and stakeholders in a time of climate uncertainty so they can effectively incorporate evidence-based climate science and related approaches into their work and decision-making processes. Convergence keeps our followers up-to-date on the webinars and events we offer to assist in navigating the climate challenges ahead.