New Visions - Smart Choices

We are pleased to present Carpe Diem West’s new report,
New Visions, Smart Choices - Western Water Security in a Changing Climate, which spotlights successful, sustainable and economically sensible steps ten communities are taking to make sure they will have water in the decades to come.

As the climate warms and weather extremes become undeniable, having a clean, safe water supply — for our communities, our economy, our environment and our farms — is becoming a huge challenge. 

The stories in this report all tell us this: Yes, climate change is overwhelming and even frightening, but there is so much we can do now, together, to build a more secure water future and protect our rivers.

Seize the day! 

Watch: Kimery Wiltshire and Scott Miller discuss this new report at the Commonwealth Club on March 26, 2013. 


Thank you to for the footage! 

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