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Join us Feb 1, 2018 - Climate Chaos and Local Resilience: Water Solutions in the American West

Join Carpe Diem West Executive Director, Kimery Wiltshire and Fernanda Santos, Author, Professor and former NY Times Journalist, for a lively discussion at The Commonwealth Club.            K...

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Deeply Talks: Water Outlook 2018

As California and other Western states begin to measure the (so far slowly) accumulating snowpack, we’re turning our attention to some of the biggest water issues that will be facing the region in 2...

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Effectively communicating headwaters solutions in dramatic times - three best practices

Belinda Griswold, Senior Program Director for Resource Media and a member of Carpe Diem West’s Healthy Headwaters Leadership Team, talks about key takeaways from our Healthy Headwaters team Meeting...

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Climate Chaos and Local Resilience: Water Solutions in the American West

We are grateful for the people who are charting the course for climate resiliency and water justice in the American West and we want to share their stories with you. For Carpe Diem West’s tenth ...

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The Best Dam Water Engineers

Beavers may be our most important partner in protecting and restoring western streams and watersheds. ~Sarah Bates Guest blogger Sarah Bates, Deputy Director, Northern Rockies & Prairies Reg...

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