Find out the latest news about western water and climate change, with articles, interviews with Carpe Diem West network leaders, and press.

New Water Infrastructure Standards Change the Bar for Sustainable Investments in Water-Based Infrastructure

Healthy ecosystems like forests, wetlands, and farms are nature's water infrastructure. They are essential for buffering against floods and the provision of clean, ample water around the world –...

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Water, Wildfire and Wellness: Field notes from the ashes of recent western megafires - WEBINAR

In recent years, every Western state has experienced an increase in the average number of large wildfires each year. Anthropogenic climate change is estimated to be responsible for about half of all a...

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Getting Ready: Catastrophic Wildfire in the American West ~ An Interview with Jeff Whitney

Flagstaff’s decision to tax itself is a great example of what we must all do to protect our communities - take responsibility for the health of our forests and watersheds. Whether or not communi...

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The New Normal: Smoke Apocalypse - Get Ready Now ~ An Interview with Sarah Coefield

…You need to remember that in the West even if your hills are green, somebody else's are not, and wildfire smoke can travel really far. Western water security depends on healthy forests - and so do...

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Beware the privatization of your town's water

People often assume private providers will be cheaper and more efficient; often the opposite is true. Investing in water and forests for water security is nothing new, but Missoula, Montana has rev...

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