Find out the latest news about western water and climate change, with articles, interviews with Carpe Diem West network leaders, and press.

Protecting the Source: Back to First Principles - An Interview with Sarah Bates

We need to be more explicit about the fact that land management is water management. By their very nature, watersheds embody the multi-jurisdiction, competing-demand issues Carpe Diem Project members...

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Carpe Diem 2.0 - An Interview with Kimery Wiltshire

It's amazing and heartening that so many people with such different views have come together to work on this shared problem. There's been an enormous amount of activity around the Exloco and Carpe Di...

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Northwest by Southwest: Managing Security - An Interview with Rick Holmes

Most of the reliable water supplies in the West are already allocated. The issue now is how scarcity is to be shared. Call it a big tent, call it strange bedfellows, the fact is, the current water an...

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Northwest by Southwest: Reform is Inevitable - An Interview with Steve Whitney

The fact that our system of water management leads to dry riverbeds every summer tells me something's not right. Call it a big tent, call it strange bedfellows, the fact is, the current water and cli...

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Showers to Flowers, Not Toilet to Tap - An Interview with Lillian Kawasaki

Then I realized that climate change and drought are not the same thing. The heart of the Carpe Diem Project is its network — a group of more than 500 western water leaders grappling with the challe...

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