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Why Some Western Water Agencies Are Writing 100-Year Water Plans

The way that the plan deals with watersheds I think is very important,” That’s because the plan connects the dots between customers’ taps and the upstream forests that naturally gather and store...

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Water Alliance report a blueprint for more climate-resilient, equitable water systems

The ripple effects of climate change harm human health, hurt local economies and can tear asunder a community’s social cohesion. ~ Jalonne White-Newsome There's a great blog post by Jalonne White-N...

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Thinking Big, Thinking Ahead, Acting Now – An Interview with Maggie Hart Stebbins

Nobody wants to raise rates but if the ratepayers understand what the challenges are, and what the new revenue is being used for they will support it. Western water utilities know all too well th...

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Almond Agriculture and profits doing OK - Peoples drinking water; not so much

What's wrong with these headlines? Water Deeply’s Toxic Taps series looks at the root causes of the safe drinking water crisis in California, how communities are organizing for change and what mo...

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Success Story! Water Agency Finds Innovative Way to Protect Headwaters

Goal: predict future water needs, figure out where the water can come from and protect those resources. Read how this forward thinking New Mexico Water Agency is protecting headwaters with smart solu...

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