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Drought, Equity & Fish - An interview with Amanda Ford

This report is important because it serves as a touch point for people to point to and share, that shows the differential impacts across communities, especially communities of color and low-income...

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The Battle Continues for Clean Drinking Water in the Central Valley

California lawmakers are stuck on Trump, but there's a problem at home that needs attention: dirty water. What’s heard about a lot less is that hundreds of thousands of people — mostly low income...

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Take the National Young Farmer Survey today and tell Congress and the nation that #FarmersCount!

The survey is conducted every five years by the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) in order to understand and elevate the issues that matter most to young farmers and aspiring farmers. The r...

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Navigating the Intersection: Western Water, Climate Change, and Public Health ~ A Conversation with Laura Briefer, Dr. Linda Rudolph and Dr. Tracy Delaney

Laura Briefer                            Dr. Linda Rudolph            Dr. Tracy Delaney Salt Lake City Public Utilities   Public Health Institute      Public Health Allian...

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Post Trump Messaging: Principles and Tools for Solidarity

Last week found us on the phone with a bunch of incredibly brave, resilient water justice campaigners for a long-scheduled messaging call. Of course, we tweaked the content. Even as the Trump b...

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