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Tulalip Tribe - clean water, salmon and beavers

Look no further than to rodent restoration as a natural, ecological engineer. Many scientists and land managers are discovering that, far from being forces of destruction, beavers can serve as agents ...

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Facing New Realities with Grace: Toxic Algae Lessons from Salem, OR  - An Interview with Lacey Goeres-Priest

We quickly found out that attempting to communicate in traditional ways, like press releases and website, was not enough. People don’t communicate that way anymore. It’s all about email and Twitte...

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National Climate Assessment Report - Impacts hit closer to home

  We’ve all looked at the recent devastating National Climate Assessment report issued last month. One ray of hope is that excellent stories are being written by local journalists - covera...

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Logs, Streams and Resilience: The Yakima Nation’s Wood Fiesta of 2018 - An Interview with Scott Nicolai

On Washington’s dry and beautiful Eastern Cascade slope, the Yakima Nation’s Fisheries Department is leading innovative work to restore healthy streams, the treaty-reserved salmon that depend on t...

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The Best Dam Ecosystem Engineers

Beavers may be our most important partner in protecting and restoring western streams and watersheds. By building temporary dams on small streams, beavers slow down rainwater runoff and snowmelt. This...

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