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Are California communities running out of water – or democracy? An Interview with Charlotte Weiner

How does a community recover from a natural and human disaster of this magnitude? It’s a question many communities are likely to face in the coming decades. But lessons and learning are here, today....

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Preparing for the health impacts of a fiery future

Welcome to the new normal. On a warming planet, we are seeing more of the hot, dry conditions that have turned the American West into a tinderbox. Indeed, the very concept of “fire season” is a th...

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Getting Ready: Water, Wildfire & Wellness - An Interview with Dr. Irva Hertz-Picciotto and Dr. Linda Rudolph

We’re increasingly concerned with these catastrophic wildfires - the impacts of wildfire smoke on health, the impacts on mental health, and the impacts on water supplies. ~Dr. Linda Rudolph, Public...

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Montana's Water Future - Water Summit a Success!

As a headwaters state, Montana enjoys an abundance of clean, cold water – most of which originates in or near the state’s borders as mountain snowpack. Clean water is foundational to Montanans’ ...

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Water Source Protection Program - What is it?

Legislation to promote partnerships between the U.S. Forest Service and downstream water users is making its way through Congress. Inspired by numerous watershed investment partnerships springing u...

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