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Join the Healthy Headwaters Alliance

Policy Platform 2016_Final photo_Page_1Endorse the 2016 Policy Platform of the Healthy Headwaters Alliance to join the Alliance and support actionable strategies that can be implemented now, to protect and restore the watersheds of the American West, including:

  1. Making long-term watershed health a priority
  2. Smarter choices on how state and federal fire suppression funds are spent
  3. Smart responses post-catastrophic flooding and fires (and avoiding them in the first place)

While the Healthy Headwaters Alliance does not advocate for specific legislation, as opportunities arise we do use our criteria to provide thoughtful commentary to interested parties.

Two Ways to Join

There are two ways to join the Healthy Headwaters Alliance:

As an individual – fill out the form below and we’ll add your name to the Policy Platform as an endorser. We’ll need your organization affiliation to identify you, but don’t worry, we’ll be sure to note your signature doesn’t imply an endorsement from your organization.

As an organization – if the Policy Platform aligns with your organization’s mission, we’d love to have the full support of your organization. We’ve provided sample language for a letter of support or resolution, if your board of directors needs to approve the endorsement. Once completed, please email the appropriate documents to us at info@carpediemwest.org.

Endorse the 2016 Policy Platform of the Healthy Headwaters Alliance

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