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Beyond the Faucet: Protecting Water at it's Source An article by Lori Benjamin for Carpe Diem West and The Freshwater Trust Read it here  

Kimery Wiltshire and Doug Kenney quoted in the Arizona Daily Star, July 20, 2014 Read the article here

Op-Ed Dry Times and Smart solutions, by Kimery Wiltshire and Doug Kenney, The Daily Camera, July 16, 2014 Read More 

Carpe Diem West Network Leaders Quoted The Desert Sun, July 14, 2014 Read it Now! 

Integrated Risk Management Roadmap Find it Here 

New Report Released! Mapping the River Ahead - Priorities for Action Beyond the Colorado River Basin Study which presents diverse and thoughtful persepectives of Colorado River Basin leaders on a path forward for the river. Read More

See the Buzz! Mapping the River Ahead Press coverage

New Initiative! Carpe Diem West Academy launches collaboration with NOAA's Climate.gov Read More

Webinar recording posted! Scoping for Adaptation Read More

Webinar recording posted! CMIP5 Updated Climate Models: Implications for Western Water Management Read More 

Webinar recording posted! Vulnerability Assessment, Take Three - Stories from the Field Read More 

Webinar recording posted! Effective Messaging: Communicating Nature's Benefits Read More 

Carpe Diem West releases report: New Visions, Smart Choices - Western Water Security in a Changing Climate which spotlights successful, sustainable and economically sensible steps ten communities are taking to make sure they will have water in the decades to come. Read More

Latest Academy webinar recording archived
Watershed Valuation: A Closer Look

Healthy Headwaters 6th Leadership Convening: The Healthy Headwaters Alliance is launched! The Healthy Headwaters Alliance is a coalition of water utilities, elected officials, land managers, scientists, conservationists, recreationists, and business leaders working to promote the health and resilience of headwaters that provide water security to communities across the American West.
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NEW Initiative: The Healthy Headwaters Alliance has been launched! The Alliance is a coalition of water utilities, elected officials, land managers, scientists, conservationists, recreationists, and business leaders working to promote the health and resilience of headwaters that provide water security to communities across the American West. Find out more about the Alliance and it's charter document, The Healthy Headwaters Alliance Policy Platform. Read More

Carpe Diem West Academy launches its newsletter!  Convergence

NEW Report: Governing Like A River Basin: Options for Expanded Stakeholder Engagement in the Colorado River Basin examines examples of successful stakeholder engagement processes and how they may be used in conjunction with the Bureau of Reclamation's Basin Study to build long-term solutions for the Colorado River. Read More

NEW Report:  Read Carpe Diem West's report, "Watershed Investment Programs in the American West. An Updated Look: Linking Upstream Watershed Health & Downstream Security," which provides information on innovative solutions communities are implementing to protect their headwaters. Read the report

Charting the Rapids Ahead: Water, Climate Change and Public Health
Carpe Diem West’s Public Health, Water, and Climate Change Project is raising provocative questions and instigate a broader discussion among researchers, public health officials, water decision makers, funders and policy makers. In partnership with the Center for Public Health & Climate Change, and working with The Network, Carpe Diem West conducted an overview analysis to assess the scope of the problem set and the gaps in scientific research and policy questions. The Center and Carpe Diem West published their findings in a paper (Charting the Rapids Ahead: Western Water, Climate Change & Public Health) to determine next steps.

Web Forum: Western Water, Climate Change and Public Health
Presented in Partnership with the Public Health Institute's
Center for Public Health & Climate Change
Aired 10/19/11
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Webinar on the U.S. Forest Service's Watershed Condition Framework 
Hosted by Carpe Diem West
Listen to U.S. Forest Service's Anne Zimmermann, Director of Watersheds, Fish, Wildlife, Air & Rare Plants talk about the WCF and how is it guiding on-the-ground restoration.
Aired 10/16/11 
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Carpe Diem West Academy Webinar Series Continues
The Carpe Diem West Academy webinar series supports western water managers, NGOs and agency staff to more effectively use climate science and emerging technology in decision-making. Visit the Academy's webinar series page to learn about upcoming offerings, and to view the webinar archive.

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Carpe Diem West Academy Website
Thanks to the generous funding of the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, we're off and running on Phase II (launching December 2011), which will be even more interactive and dynamic, offering monthly webinars, discussion forums, feedback mechanisms, user profiles, and notifications of new tools and best practices. In its current form – Phase I – the Academy website provides a compendium of information and tools, presents them in an easy-to-use format, and provides helpful frames of reference. The compendium is designed to help water and energy managers make sense of the array of climate-related materials available to them. 

Healthy Headwaters Leadership Meeting
Preparations are well underway for Carpe Diem West's 4th meeting of the Healthy Headwaters Working Group in October. In March 2011, the third face-to-face meeting of the Working Group – along with an invited group of western water leaders – was held in Denver. Building on the foundation established in the two previous meetings, the group developed a vision to guide its work over the next two years to build the network of headwaters partnerships, tell their stories, and develop a shared policy agenda.
Read the March meeting summary

New 'Thinking Like a River Basin' Report
Carpe Diem West's new report, Thinking Like a River Basin: Leaders' Perspectives on Options and Opportunities in Colorado River Management, paints a portrait of a river basin – and a leadership community – at a crossroads.
The report, authored by the University of Montana's Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, is based on confidential interviews with a broad cross-section of the Colorado Basin water community. Read the report

Denver Post Colorado River Op-Ed
On February 25, the Denver Post ran an insightful op-ed by Carpe Diem West leader Doug Kenney of the Colorado River Governance Initiative at the University of Colorado in Boulder, about the long-term future of dwindling Colorado River supplies in the face of climate change – and what people are doing about it. 
Denver Post: Colorado River's Coming Crisis