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Find out what’s new in the field with updates from the Carpe Diem West Network.

The Battle Continues for Clean Drinking Water in the Central Valley

California lawmakers are stuck on Trump, but there's a problem at home that needs attention: dirty water. What’s heard about a lot less is that hundreds of thousands of people — mostly low income...

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Take the National Young Farmer Survey today and tell Congress and the nation that #FarmersCount!

The survey is conducted every five years by the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) in order to understand and elevate the issues that matter most to young farmers and aspiring farmers. The r...

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Navigating the Intersection: Western Water, Climate Change & Public Health 

Whether you’re a water utility manager in Colorado, a public health director in California, or a water justice activist in Arizona, climate-driven changes in western water are already having direct ...

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Water is Life - Overview

Curious to learn more about Water is Life? Check out this one-page document that succinctly presents the problem, explains the program, and outlines the outcomes we anticipate over the next year. Join...

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Learn More about Healthy Headwaters

Catastrophic wildfires, a changing climate and past management decisions have hurt the forests’ ability to provide clean water to millions of people. Today leaders around the region are pioneerin...

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