Western water leaders speak firsthand about the latest issues and happenings.

Drought, Equity & Fish - An interview with Amanda Ford

This report is important because it serves as a touch point for people to point to and share, that shows the differential impacts across communities, especially communities of color and low-income...

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Navigating the Intersection: Western Water, Climate Change, and Public Health ~ A Conversation with Laura Briefer, Dr. Linda Rudolph and Dr. Tracy Delaney

Laura Briefer                            Dr. Linda Rudolph            Dr. Tracy Delaney Salt Lake City Public Utilities   Public Health Institute      Public Health Allian...

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Ground Zero in a Rapidly Warming West - An interview with Susana De Anda

All water policies need to be bottom-up if they’re going to be sustainable and impactful. Making smart policies has to go hand-in-hand with organizing and education. We spoke with Susana De A...

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A welcome dose of optimism for the Colorado Basin - An interview with John Fleck

There's still a lot of negative out there, and I don’t want to go too far in glossing over the problems, but missing from our narratives, our discourse, is the positive examples that can show us w...

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When it comes to watershed restoration, collaboration is key - An Interview With Laura McCarthy

...take the opportunity to invent a solution that’s going to truly address the shared problems that your coalition is united behind. There's no point in being timid. If you're going to do it, go all...

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